Muscle-renewal massage for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone becoming the best they can be


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"In approximately 2590 BC the Chinese emperor and also talented physician Huang Ti wrote the oldest medical textbook, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. This is the first written evidence of the use of massage for medical purposes. Millennia have passed by, and great civilizations are gone, but massage survived all historical turmoils and now is one of the oldest medical procedures which is still important in our modern world." (Ross Turchaninov, M.D., Therapeutic Massage: A Scientific Approach)


"I feel taller!" (One of my clients after receiving a Thai massage)


Appointments available at my private studio at The Skin Renewal Center and at select massage establishments in central Houston (choose from the Location drop-down menu during booking). Avalon-trained LMT Chris Gaillard has a secret identity. By day a 20+ year finance professional and CPA, on evenings and weekends he offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Ashiatsu massages to clients, with an emphasis on CrossFitters and other athletes. As a masters-age CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance enthusiast himself, Chris understands the benefits of massage for exercise recovery, muscle renewal, and healthful relaxation.