Muscle-renewal massage for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone becoming the best they can be


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"In approximately 2590 BC the Chinese emperor and also talented physician Huang Ti wrote the oldest medical textbook, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. This is the first written evidence of the use of massage for medical purposes. Millennia have passed by, and great civilizations are gone, but massage survived all historical turmoils and now is one of the oldest medical procedures which is still important in our modern world." (Ross Turchaninov, M.D., Therapeutic Massage: A Scientific Approach)


"I feel taller!" (One of my clients after receiving a Thai massage)


TX AND FL STUDIOS — TEXT PRIOR TO BOOKING TO VERIFY LOCATION. THANK YOU. Appointments available at my studio and at select massage establishments in the area (choose from the available services during booking and book directly or text me). Chris Gaillard focuses his therapeutic practice on athletes, weekend warriors, and those in physically demanding professions who require firm-pressure approaches. His training and practice specialties include sports massage, stretching, Thai, and Ashiatsu, and his diverse interests include human movement, joint mobility, and exercise performance and recovery. He is a graduate of the highly regarded Avalon School in Houston, and a student of James Waslaski's Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage course, and of Modern Cupping Therapy. While obtaining his master's degree in accounting at The University of Texas at Austin, he studied under strength and powerlifting pioneers Terry and Jan Todd. A CrossFit athlete since 2013 and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Chris applies fitness insights to massage to promote athletic recovery and healthful relaxation. Texas MT128358 * Florida MA92593